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Preview: Jehst, The Fleece

By annie nash, Thursday Apr 20, 2017

It’s safe to say that Jehst, aka William Shields, known to some to as Billy Brimstone is one of the most significant artists in UK Hip Hop to date. From Jehst’s EP Premonitions (1999) which inspired a lot of young Hip Hop heads to swap their paper-round money for samplers to his most recent album The Dragon of an Ordinary Family (2011) pushing the boundaries of his earlier boom bap production style, Jehst proves himself to be a stable figure-head in UKHH fans hearts and speakers loved for his mix of socially conscious lyrics and laid back flow.

With rumours swirling in the UKHH scene of a new album on the horizon Jehst has got everyone hyped yet again to see him play live on this most recent 44th Floor Tour. Jehst has always shown love for Bristol and it’s music scene as well as collaborating with our Bristol based artists this makes this gig feel like a welcomed guest in our home. Jehst as always supporting young MC’s revealed via Twitter his support acts, Manik MC (previously featured on Loyle Carner’s latest tour) and Booda French an independent MC hailing from Ipswich.

Looking forward to seeing what Billy Brimstone has up his sleeve for this gig hopefully a mix of classic tracks with some new unheard music thrown in for us to digest and get excited over.

Jehst will be playing at the Fleece April, 22nd at 7pm, for tickets go to

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