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Nowhere Sessions – Frederico Lazzarotti

By amy grace, Wednesday Feb 26, 2020

Serenading souls with acoustic driven tunes and singing in his mother tongue of Portuguese, Frederico Lazzarotti was recently captured performing his blissful tunes on a Bristol Ferry boat. I managed to get a few questions from him before he jets away from Bristol.


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If you could perform anywhere in the world, where would it be? Any country in particular or iconic venues come to mind?

Whoa, I think I would love to perform in Portugal. No particular venue, I just feel attracted to the country.

How did Nowhere Sessions fare with their selection of venue?

Bristol has got lots of amazing spots for music sessions and the Nowhere Sessions’ crew really makes the best out of it. It was sick to see them heading from one venue to another when we recorded, packing gear and heading off.

How do you see your music working in relation to the space?

Well, music makes you do things, I guess. Gathers people together, makes them smile, or cry or laugh or whatever. And it’s always great to see people enjoying it, no matter what sort of music it is, you know. The buskers I met in Bristol were always respectful and mindful of the environment and the people passing by too.

Who are you itching to see on Nowhere Sessions next?

I’d love to see the Part-Time Models in one, met them on my first week in Bristol and they’re just great.

First album you bought?

The Division Bell, by Pink Floyd. I just liked the cover for some reason.

And the most recent?

Yeah Yeah Yeahs, by… the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Charity shop bargain.

Name me a few of your favourite Bristol based artists.

Mike Dennis (rap and violin, just sick), The Old Malt House Jazz Band, Tilly Chester (amazing violinist), John Paul Bailey and Betty Jasmine (best buskers I’ve met), and the Part-Time Models.

Now’s the chance to tell me a few other acts that you’ve been digging recently.

Ha! Phillip Long, Mal Blum and Catherine Feeny, to start with. Then all the way from Brazil, there’s a mate of mine called Victor Huaz, who’s been releasing some amazing stuff too.

Finally, any upcoming shows you want to rave about?

Actually, not really! I’m leaving Bristol fairly soon, so I won’t make it to many gigs or any of my own. But I know that the Part-Time Models are playing at The Big Sesh Festival in Cardiff in April and there’s no way you’ll regret going.

Images supplied by Nowhere Sessions

All videos supplied are in collaboration with Nowhere Sessions

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