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Write a lockdown ‘escape letter’ and join an online Moonrise Kingdom viewing party

By robin askew, Monday Jun 29, 2020

The pesky pandemic means that Bristol-based Compass Presents won’t be doing any of their imaginative immersive outdoor cinema events for a while yet. So they’ve turned their attention to interactive online viewing parties instead.

Following their Withnail and I bash in May, they’ve joined forces with the BFI’s UK-wide Film Feels Connected season to launch a themed event centred on Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom.

As before, there’s more to this than simply joining forces to watch a film together remotely. In keeping with Moonrise Kingdom‘s theme, you’re encouraged to write an anonymous letter to a stranger planning an imaginary escape. Everyone who sends a letter will also receive one from someone else.

The viewing party follows at 7pm on July 12, with a Zoom introduction by artist Yiota Demetriou, who will talk about the social significance of letter writing, her own letter-related artworks To You and Love Letters. In order to take part, you need to fill out this form. For more information on how the party works, visit the event’s Facebook page.

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