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Raising awareness for dyslexic children through accessible books

By katie button, Friday Nov 22, 2019

A dyslexic children’s author is coming to Bristol as part of her awareness project surrounding the condition.

Emily Thuysbaert started writing three years ago after being inspired by the adventures she had with her Mia, her Siberian Husky. Emily’s aim is to help dyslexic children interact with books designed with them in mind, as well as battle the stigma surrounding dyslexia.


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“As a child, my self-esteem was always low. I thought I was stupid and had a phobia of reading,” says Mia, who hopes to inspire young children to dream big. “I don’t think there is enough awareness of dyslexia and I wanted to change that.”

Emily and her late husky Mia, who’s legacy hopes to inspire dyslexic children

As part of her dyslexia awareness project, Emily is coming to Cribbs Causeway for a book signing, as well as an opportunity to meet children with dyslexia and tell them about her story.

Emily’s books include Mia – My Incredible Adventures in Looe, Lady the Lady Bug and My Incredible Adventures on the Titanic. All of which are interactive as children read them. The books are also illustrated by her mum, Pat, who brings Emily’s creations to life as she writes her books.

Sadly, Emily’s dog Mia passed away this year, but her legacy continues in her writing. Emily hopes to educate children on different topics by taking Mia on different adventures in each book.

“My writing isn’t totally edited and corrected. There are errors in my punctuation and grammar which normalise the way people with dyslexia write,” says Emily.

Mia with one of the books she was the main character of

Emily is also in talks to release her books in dyslexia-friendly font, which will further help children read and understand how the brain can work differently sometimes. As well as an environmentally friendly book being released, made from items found on organised beach cleans.

Emily adds: “Even if I help one person, I’ve fulfilled my goal. I want children to know that they’re not alone, and you can’t replace the knowledge and understanding of someone who knows what it’s like to have dyslexia.”

Emily and Pat will be at WHSmith at Cribbs Causeway on Saturday, December 7, from 11am-4pm. Find more information about Emily at

Images thanks to Emily Thuysbaert

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