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Bringing Leonard Lane to life with street art

By Lou Trimby, Wednesday Jul 15, 2015

Leonard Lane off Corn Street in Bristol’s Old City is now officially Europe’s longest environmental art thoroughfare.

As of Wednesday evening, 20 pieces of street art were up in this oft-neglected lane.

All of the art, which is part of a project called Human Nature, explores green concerns such as climate change and extinction.

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Artist and founder of Human Nature Charlotte Webster explains how the ambitious project came about: “I lived in Bristol for a number of years, and walking down Leonard Lane six months ago I felt compelled to shift its direction.

“With 18 artists coming to the city on tour, one thing we know how to do is change a space. Human Nature‘s focus is on our shifting relationship with the environment, so walk down Leonard Lane and you’ll see art exploring climate change, fossil fuels and extinction amongst other things all encouraging us to think about our connection to nature.

“Where better to do this than in Europe’s Green Capital and the home of street art?

“Having been at work for the last five days, we’re so pleased local artists have joined us each day. Our hope is that this continues for some time to come, and we welcome any contributions that express feelings on the environment.

“It’s important to have a physical space which represents Bristol’s progressive thinking, together we can all make Leonard Lane a positive space that looks towards the future.”

Human Nature is running in tandem with the show of the same name at the Centrespace gallery on Leonard Lane from July 17 to 30.

The touring exhibition that showcases and celebrates emerging, cutting edge environmental art was launched last year in London and includes 20 artists and 60 artworks, from across the UK working in a variety of media.


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