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Photography series highlights impacts of light pollution

By josie scott taylor, Wednesday Jul 10, 2019

Sasha O’Shaughnessy is a photographer who has taken photographs that encourage the audience to acknowledge, think about and address the way we accept this change to nature and environment as a norm.

Her series, Illumination, demonstrates how light pollution has affected the natural environment in the surrounding areas of Bristol, and sheds light on how willing we are to welcome this change.

“My inspiration for creating this series was the growing debates from environmental theorists and the ever growing knowledge that our natural planet isn’t something which is permanent as we have acknowledge it to be in the past,” says Sasha.

“We live in cities which are flood lit which prevent us from being able to see stars, and this started to make me question what this amount of light pollution was really doing to our natural world.”

Her photography aims to inspire people to change the way they think about the environment and make a positive change for the good of our planet, which, given the current climate change crisis, is a hotly-debated topic throughout the world.

“As humans, we have damaged so much with our unnecessary overconsumption,” says Sasha

Sasha took photos of light pollution in the natural areas surrounding Bristol

“I have highlighted the manner in which images of harsh and dangerous pollution have, ironically, come to be seen as sights of great beauty,” says the photographer

“Mankind is disrupting and altering natural environments”

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