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Creative lockdown: Rachel Hogg

By lowie trevena, Monday May 18, 2020

Rachel Hogg is part of the ongoing Bristol24/7 Creative Lockdown series, showcasing how people in Bristol have been getting arty under lockdown.

“I’ve never spoken to music or in a rap-style, and feel partly embarrassed that I should dare to do this at my age,” says Rachel Hogg, who will be 50 in September.

“But I partly think ‘who care’s if this is the way I choose to express myself right now, and who cares that it isn’t perfect’!”

Rachel, who works as a careers consultant at the University of Bristol but spent 15 years working as a GP, has recorded a spoken word piece during lockdown.

Hope you enjoy 'All In'……we've certainly been 'All In' in more ways than one…..P.S. please forgive an almost 50 year old mother daring to have a bash at rap-style spoken-word!! 🙃🎧

Publiée par Rachel Hogg sur Dimanche 17 mai 2020

“I have always enjoyed writing bits and pieces, mainly poetry in an informal writing group of friends,” Rachel explains. “We’ve continued to meet on Zoom during lockdown, and creative expression has helped us all cope with the challenges.”

The art piece is a result of the creativity inspired by the group.

Rachel, who lives in Bedminster adds: “I hope it will resonate with people, as we are indeed all in, in more ways than one.”

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Main photo: Rachel Hogg

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