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Bristol’s 9 best apps

By laura collacott, Monday Nov 30, 2015

The city’s tech experts unveil the best apps being born and developed here in Bristol.

We’ve focused on apps that are currently downloadable but haven’t forgotten some of this year’s big hits, like Shaun in the City and TEDxBristol, or those that are still in development (we’re looking at you helpfulpeeps, neighbourly and friends). 

Think we’ve missed any? Let us know! 

1. Screentime

Prising tablets and smartphones out of tiny hands can be an ongoing battle, especially at dinner and homework time. When software developer Steve Vangasse bought his kids tablets he wasn’t happy with the parental control software available, so he built his own. Screentime allows parents to see how much time their children spend online, what they can access and for how long. So far over 100,000 parents have downloaded his wunderapp. 

2. Wriggle

Wriggle has grown in prominence across the city over the last 12-months. For the spontaneous among us, it provides on-the-day deals at independent eateries, events and watering holes across Bristol and now London. Deals last for hours at a time and are number limited. A great way to save cash and highlight new venues. Expect to see the expansion continue.

3. Duel by Daredevil

As he drove an old London Black Cab around the world, Paul Archer mused that your smart phone can be a much more compelling game controller than candy crush allows. He set up Daredevil Project, which makes mobile-social games played in the real world. In new app Duel, you challenge a friend to upload a photo with you and get others to vote on which is best, whether an outfit for your night out or best sunset.

4. nth screen by matter2media

Film content at the same time as your friends – gigs, weddings or nights out – and this little software gadget will allow you to play your videos back together in a synchronised collage. Mind boggling but brilliant. 

5. Met Office Weather by Mubaloo

Developed in Bristol, this free app gives users up to date weather forecasts and warnings, at a glance, five-day overview, three hourly location forecasts and offers 5,000 locations to choose from, with multiple favourites. The app has been designed for both Android and iPhone with subtle differences for each user interface.

6. Bristol Pound by Pocket Intelligence

To support our unique currency, the Bristol Pound app allows you to find nearby traders accepting BP payment, pay, top up your credit, and track how much you’re spending in the local economy.

7. Bristol Parkhive by App Furnace

 There’s no denying that green spaces are good for the soul and Bristol is well furnished. UWE and the Bristol Parks Forum, Bristol’s network of volunteer parks groups, have teamed up to create Bristol Parkhive. It helps both guide Joe Public to their nearest patch of reasonable grass and serves to link up the volunteer networks so that they can collaborate and innovate in doing their work of maintaining the parks. 

8. Apps4Arts

Currently in beta-testing stage, Apps4Arts is working to create a blueprint for smart phone festival guides that will do away with the jumble of information sheets and create a one-stop-shop for in-house staff at any festival or arts venue to create an audience guide without the need for bespoke coding and development. Could be a game changer for many event organisers. 

9. SAM app by MyOxygen

A free self-help app for anxiety, the SAM app was developed by a team of psychologists, mental health practitioners, computer and engineering scientists at UWE and the Bristol Robotics Lab. It helps users to cope and deal with common symptoms associated with mild to moderate anxiety through monitoring and self-help mini-games. Since it launched in July 2013, it has been downloaded by over 500,000 users from around the globe in more than 100 countries.

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