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By bristol247, Wednesday Nov 21, 2018

Redington are change makers, on a mission to make 100 million people financially secure.

The Redington team help large companies, pension funds and long-term savings institutions in the UK make sense of their investment’s through consultancy and FinTech.

In the 12 years since co-founders Rob and Dawid started the company, Redington has grown into a major player in the industry. They are the UK’s fourth largest consultant, with assets under consulting over c.£430bn and have grown to a team of almost 150 people. Their revenue continues to grow 20% year on year.

Why Bristol? Well, Redington needed a location that; has a great tech scene, is socially and environmentally minded, and has a community that cares about a better future for everyone.

Redington have some of the brightest stars in the Responsible Investments world and also signed the UN Principles for Responsible Investing (UNPRI) in May 2015, this code has underpinned their decision-making process ever since. In addition, Redington have one of the fairest gender pay-gaps in the investment consulting industry (0.2%) and are striving towards Gender parity every year.

In 2012, Redington launched RedSTART Educate, a financial education charity. It’s on a mission to education 1 million children by 2025 because Redington are passionate about helping future generations handle money.”


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