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Bristol Energy

By caitlin bowring, Monday Nov 9, 2020

Bristol Energy is a fairly-priced green energy supplier that aims to create a positive difference for customers and the wider community.

The company is committed to making buying energy as clear and straightforward as possible. Bristol Energy keeps prices fair and low, and passes on savings on the energy it buys directly to customers.

Bristol Energy is working to reduce its environmental footprint by providing 100 per cent green electricity, helping customers to drive change and make a difference in tackling climate change.

The company also passionately believes in a fairer Bristol and contributes to making socio-environmental difference across the city. Bristol Energy works with a number of partners to explore ways to address fuel poverty, a serious concern in the city and nationwide.

Bristol Energy provides 100 per cent green electricity. Photo: Bristol Energy

With a belief that businesses should also be a force for social good, the company has given back to the city through supporting local initiatives and charities such as Caring in Bristol and ‘Additionality’, an environmental fund which is mandated by OFGEM.

For each Bristol Energy customer who joins a Green Tariff, the company donates to the Additionality fund which is then spent on local initiatives, such as local tree-planting programmes.

The Bristol-based team can be contacted on 0808 281 2222 or, Monday to Friday from 8am–6pm, with the exception of bank holidays.


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Main photo: Joshua Perrett

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