The Feast of Trimalchio

Date: Wednesday, Oct 30 - Tuesday, Nov 26
Venue: Tobacco Factory Bar

Paintings by renowned Bristol pub sign writer Graeme Robbins.

An enthusiastic cook, Graeme found himself reading up on Trimalchio, a character in the Satyricon, a work of fiction by Roman author Petronius.

Trimalchio was known for throwing lavish dinner parties, ostentatious, wild dinner parties, where servants would bring out course after course of exotic delicacies, such as live birds sewn up in the stomachs of pigs, plates of peacock tongues, baby birds inside fake eggs and dishes to represent every sign of the Zodiac.

Oct 30-Nov 26, Tobacco Factory cafe/bar. For more info, visit 

By steve wright, Friday, Nov 1 2019

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