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Crazy clubs, dazzling dance floors

By Ed Deacon, Thursday Sep 23, 2021

Bristol’s nightlife packs a big punch, offering a rich variety of venues – big and small.

MOTION – 74-78 Avon Street, BS2 0PX

Ranked the 14th best club in the world in DJ Mag’s Top 100 Clubs 2021, Motion boasts a capacity of up to 4,000 people, playing host to some of the biggest names on the international DJ circuit in house, techno, drum and bass, disco and more. The vastness of the rooms and number of attendees is matched with a stomach-shaking sound system. In the summer months, the club opens its outdoor space for day parties and is a great way to mark the end of an academic year.

Motion was ranked the 14th best club in the world. Credit: Khris Cowley

COSIES – 34 Portland Square, St Paul’s, BS2 8RG

Cosies by name, cosy by nature. Situated in an underground cellar in St Paul’s, Cosies is a shining example of a small venue in Bristol that packs a punch. For fans of reggae, dub and soul, Cosies is the place to be – with its famed ‘Reggae Sundays’ offering bass-driven tunes all night. Mind your head on the low ceiling!

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Cosies is a bar with a split-personality. Credit: Martin Booth.

OLD CROWN COURTS AND THE ISLAND – The Old Crown Courts, Silver Street BS1 2AG & The Island, Nelson Street, BS1 2BE

Located near the Centre, the Old Crown hosts its events in converted courtrooms, making nights here even more memorable – with rooms located underground, down the corridors of prison cells, and DJs performing behind bars – a night here is a spectacle. Just around the corner is The Island, an intimate underground venue usually hosting a small roster of great DJs with a hefty sound system – a great place to see artists you rate.

LAKOTA – 6 Upper York Street, St Paul’s, BS2 8QN

Nestled in the heart of Stokes Croft, Lakota is renowned for its jungle and drum and bass nights, but also offers a
range of events. Lakota’s multiple rooms span across three levels, and larger events encompass the Old Coroner’s Court next door, adding more to explore. Don’t be worried if you get lost on your first visit, as you’re sure to come back for more.

Lakota is a Stokes Croft institution and true student favorite. Credit: Lakota

OMG – 1-2 Frog Lane, BS1 5NF

Look no further for Wednesday night revelry. With free entry, cheap drink deals, and a music selection of pop bangers old and new, OMG ticks all the boxes for a fun-filled night. And if the music isn’t enough for you, the drag queens always put on a good show.

Wednesday nights at OMG are legendary amongst Bristol students. Credit: OMG Bristol.

LA ROCCA – 9 Triangle South, Clifton, BS8 1EY

A firm favourite from the multitude of clubs located on the Triangle. La Rocca’s chequered tile floor decor is just the starting point of your enjoyment of a night out here. Grab a WKD – colour of your choice – and indulge in some bops.


Main photo: Motion

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