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Why I should be Mayor: Stoney Garnett

By stoney garnett, Monday Apr 4, 2016

The current incumbent has delusions of grandeur. I will be the mayor of Bristol – not the Secretary General of the United Nations.

I would actively campaign to leave the EU. I would also end the sanctuary status and stop asylum seekers from outside. I’m not saying we would turn any desperate cases away. But Bristolians would get priority on housing, NHS, schools etc.

I would do this for a period of time, say three to four years, to see where we stand as Bristolians (priority!).

I would also encourage Bristolian workers to get contract chances first with things like public buildings, the arena, etc. I also think bicycle lanes are a waste of money. Money could be used elsewhere. Care homes, sports, education. The list goes on.

Last week I spent two hours on Bedminster Bridge watching Clarence Road. What a waste of money cycle lanes are. Thousands of cars passed me, but only three cyclists who were on the opposite side of the road and on the pavement. If you want to cycle that’s your priority. But not on pavements.

As for the (ridiculous) 20mph limit; modern cars are built for speed. 20mph only makes more exhaust fumes, frustrates drivers, and makes a mockery of our Green Capital status. 

And finally, I am a true independent candidate that just loves Bristol. I would do all in my power to make Bristol Bristol again, not a sanctuary.

Remember, your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, they will need houses, schools, NHS, ect in years to come.

So if you need honesty and fairness, vote for me as mayor. I will try 100 per cent to deliver. 

Thank you very much.

P.S. The RPZ needs looking into, also traffic problems and public transport prices etc. Ta.

Stoney Garnett is an independent candidate for Bristol mayor.

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Bristol24/7 is hosting a mayoral hustings featuring all candidates at The Lantern at 7pm on Thursday, April 28. Entrance is first come first served. For more information, visit


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