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The Happy List 2015

By meena alexander, Tuesday Sep 29, 2015

The Happy City project seeks to “grow happiness” one city at a time, helping people to live more, share more and enjoy life for less. As an antidote to the rich lists and celebrity rankings we see everyday, Happy City have come up with The Happy List, honouring those who work hard to make their communities better, happier places. Bristol, home of the original list, unsurprisingly has an abundance of selflessness, generosity and positivity in its ranks. Here are 34 lovely humans who have been nominated by family and friends as a thank you for their important contributions to the happiness of our city:

1. Nicole Beebee
“Nicole always has a smile for everyone. Full of energy with an infectious enthusiasm, she is always interested in others and happy to help.”
2. David Bowerman
“David offers Three Principles therapy and coaching to people around the UK, often for free. His own personal experiences drive him to help others.”
3. Pru Comben
“Every Tuesday evening come rain or shine Pru motivates and leads a gaggle of runners to community projects where they take part in voluntary work – she’s a happiness machine!”
4. Nealy Conquest
“Nealey never stops working. She has three jobs, all of which help a lot of vulnerable people, from Bristol all the way to India.” 
5. Asher Craig
“Asher has been working to make the world a fairer, healthier and happier place since 1990 – she chaired the Black Development Agency for 11 years.”

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6. Alice Cutler
 “Alice helps asylum seekers and refuges in a true way, by offering friendship, services, training and creative ideas for fundraising and campaigning.” 
7. Tony Dove
“Tony teaches Tai Chi to elderly people in the community, encouraging the spirit of sharing cultural and interpersonal understanding.” 
8. Chris Dunford
 “Chris is the sustainability engagement manager at At-Bristol. He’s passionate about engaging, educating and inspiring the public about our environment.”
9. Pam Fisher
“Pam, a dance movement psychotherapist, supports those with learning difficulties and mental health issues. She brings happiness to everyone around her and is just an amazing generous person.”
10. Frances Fox
“Frances is the director of The Bridge Foundation, a Bristol charity which promotes mental and emotional wellbeing in vulnerable children living in the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods in Bristol.“ 

11. Steve Glover
“Steve founded the Severn Project, which produces quality local food and encourages others to grow produce and revitalise Bristol’s unused urban spaces.” 
12. Annali Grimes
“Founder of, Annali uses art to raise awareness and educate people about rubbish and recycling, pioneering innovative projects, workshops, and exhibitions to encourage change.”
13. Amy Harrison
“Amy works tirelessly in her local with a cheery smile and determination. She has been a key part of various groups responsible for big changes in the Redfield area.” 
14. Paul Hassan
“A passionate advocate for minority groups, young people and social justice, Paul is always positive, encouraging and thoughtful. A great support for countless individuals in Bristol.”
15. Steve Hennessy
“Steve is the founder of Stepping Out Theatre, the country’s leading mental health theatre group with 48 successful production to its credit.”

16. Geoff Keogh
“The enthusiastic, positive and hard working Geoff set up Ashton Court Parkrun 4 years ago, volunteering week in week out to provide a timed 5k run for more than 300 people.”
17. Jonathan Lee
“With a background in humanitarian aid, Jonathan is committed to helping the marginalised, disadvantaged and those who live on the poverty line.”
18. Dom Ljubic
“Dom helps run free arts and music festival Redfest, working most of the year to plan and organise a great community event.”
19. Sue Mackinnon
“Sue is enthusiastic about all the environmental and health projects she works on and really cares. A giving and thoughtful person, she is kind and bright and always has a big smile.”
20. Lucy Mitchell
“Lucy runs the Golden Hill Community Garden, forever surrounded by inquisitive school children and happy toddlers. She never seems to run out of energy or smiles.” 


21. Emmy Oldenbourg
“She works tirelessly as a nurse for refugees and asylum seekers and is about to head to Sudan for six months to nurse people there.”
22. Beccy Osei
“Beccy set up the Bambini Hub for adults and children to play, learn, work and imagine together. She plans to create a permanent family friendly space for all.”
23. Poku Osei
“Poku is the creator of Babbasa Youth Empowerment Projects, inspiring young people to advance their enterprise and employment skills in an extremely positive way.”
24. Bernadette Ryder
“Bernadette teaches dance with a difference. She finds ways to convert simple movement into a celebration of life, and for many it becomes an almost spiritual experience.” 
25. Jaswinder Singh
“Director of the Asian Arts Agency, Jaswinder has worked extensively mentoring, managing and developing projects to achieve outstanding results in the creative arts sector.”

26. Zakira Takolia
“Zakira has worked tirelessly with Bristol MIND to enable and empower people and promote a positive view of mental health.”
27. Caroline Temple-Bird
“Caroline has volunteered with Bristol Parent Carers for years and in that time the amount of happiness she’s brought to children with disabilities and their families is immeasurable.”
28. Holly Templer
“She’s a campaigner for government action on climate change and an end to austerity. She organises demonstrations and is passionate about getting other to take action.”
29. Aisha Thomas
“A hard-working mum with a passion for race equality, Aisha is the chair of Barton Hill Academy, trustee of Up Our Street and the Equality Lead at City Academy.”
30. Ian Thornley
“Whenever I pick up the phone to ring Ian I am 100 per cent confident he will be cheery.  He’s involved in endless community projects and gives so much time and energy always.” 

31. Tegan Vincent-Cooke
“A bright, cheerful, spirited young woman, Tegan raised money to make an insightful film about living with cerebral palsy. She’s encouraging and rarely stops smiling.”
32. Sandra White
“Sandra manages her local community centre, finding funds for maintenance and running a weekly lunch club for older residents. She also coordinates the local Neighbourhood Watch. 
33. Scott Woods
“Scott set up the Action Technology Training Suite, a facility for training blind and partially sighted people in using devices that give them greater independence and self-esteem.” 
34. Jess Wright
“Jess turned a derelict chapel into Zion, a social enterprise that provides spaces for all generations and cultures and brings happiness to many.”

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