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Acclaimed installation artist receives honorary degree

By sophie downes, Friday Feb 21, 2020

Luke Jerram, a live installation artist known for his Earth and Moon pieces, received an honorary degree from the University of Bristol for his contribution to the arts.

Luke has created a vast number of celebrated pieces across the world, including the Park and Slide instillation that took over Park Street in 2014, attracting around 65,000 people, and Play Me, I’m Yours, which placed more than 500 pianos in cities across the world and helped change in UK licensing laws restricting the public production of music.


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However, Luke is quick to highlight the role of failure in his career, saying such setbacks are necessary: “We learn more through our failed attempts than we do from success. That’s how we grow, learning from these failures.”

Luke Jerram’s Moon. Photo by Martin Booth

“It’s a great honour to accept this degree,” says Luke. “It’s given me an opportunity to reflect on the journey I’ve made and the support I’ve been given along the way.

“I think everyone is creative and by working in collaboration with other people, anything is possible.”

Main photo courtesy of the University of Bristol

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