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Work begins on improving walking and cycling in Bristol

By martin booth, Thursday May 28, 2020

Work is beginning to implement transport changes announced earlier this month by Bristol mayor Marvin Rees to improve walking and cycling across the city.

At his fortnightly press conference, Rees asked people to walk and cycle as much as they can.

He said: “We’re asking people to get into these habits now. Continue to work from home if you can. Try to avoid using public transport to keep it free for people who have no alternative, particularly key workers. If you have to use it, please try to use it off peak.”

On Bedminster Parade, some parking bays will be suspended from Thursday, with around 100m of barrier erected prior to work starting on improvements.

Gaol Ferry Bridge will be closed on Thursday and Friday from 9am to 3.30pm to enable a one-way operation to be put in place.

Other improvements will include:

  • Clifton Village: On June 2, parking bays will be suspended on both sides of Princess Victoria Street from Regent Street to The Mall and on the east side of The Mall between Princess Victoria Street and Caledonia Place.
  • St Mark’s Road, Easton: On June 2, most parking bays will be suspended on the east side of St Mark’s Road between Berwick Road and Henrietta Street. This will allow space for pedestrians on the road with queues for shops on the pavement.
  • Bristol Bridge & Baldwin Street: Work is proceeding on a scheme to close the bridge and part of Baldwin Street. The scheme is in the design process and is currently expected to be delivered by the middle of August.
  • Old City: The city council is proceeding with a limited Temporary Traffic Regulation Order on Corn Street, Small Street and Clare Street, with parking suspensions in the short term. The aim is to deliver this by the end of June, with access retained to Bristol Crown Court. A larger scale scheme could follow which will involve closing the whole of the Old City to traffic for specific parts of the day.

A Bristol City Council spokesperson told Bristol24/7: “The focus has been on delivering these proposals as soon as possible, but we are also working on social distancing in district centres or central area walking and cycle routes.

“The details of these are currently being worked on and will be implemented as soon as possible in Westbury-on-Trym, Henleaze, Stapleton Road, Redcatch Road to Oakmead Park, North Street (Bedminster), Mina Road (St Werburgh’s), Cumberland Road, Merchants Road Bridge, Victoria Street and Counterslip cycle lanes, Lewins Mead, Stokes Croft northbound cycle lane, Clifton Triangle, Marlborough Street and Park Row.”

Main photo: Martin Booth

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