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UWE leads the way in 3D facial recognition tech

By jack wilkinson, Monday Jun 19, 2017

What if you could identify anyone quickly and with pinpoint accuracy, simply by looking at their face?

3D facial recognition is one of the fastest developing technologies in the world, and now The University of the West of England (UWE Bristol) has teamed up with leading British facial recognition company Customer Clever to try and increase the potential for use in the commercial sector.

Joint funding of £170,000 has been allocated for the two-year project by Innovate UK, to drive the technology forward from the lab to retailers, restaurants and a wide range of other spaces and businesses.

Lyndon Smith, Professor of Computer Simulation and Machine Vision at the Centre for Machine Vision, part of the Bristol Robotics Laboratory, said: “This funding is for us to go ahead and commercially implement the technology. We think it’s on the verge of becoming really big”.

The technology has many security applications, such as identifying shoplifters or checking who has bought a train ticket at railway stations. “Potential uses are increasing all the time, but first we have to iron out problems with how the technology performs,” said Mr Smith.



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