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Urgent search for bright orange handbag in St George’s Park

By kate wyver, Friday Mar 17, 2017

A mother has lost a bright orange handbag in St George’s Park which contains items critical for the care of her sick daughter.

Eva Odoni’s daughter Lilla has a brain tumour and needs to go to the USA for an crucial check-up following a previous operation. Eva is meant to be travelling to Hungary on Saturday in order to sort out visas for their visit.

The bag contains her driving licence and bank card, both of which are needed for car hire and accommodation once she arrives in Hungary.

Artist and dance instructor Eva was playing volleyball with her children in the centre of St George’s Park on Thursday evening when she noticed her bag had gone missing.

Her boyfriend David McCann is organising the hunt for the bag and has already spent hours on a so far fruitless search, including looking in all of the park’s bins.

David said: “It’s happened at the worst time, this search is urgent. We were wondering if there were any early morning dog walkers or joggers going to the park today and if they could keep an eye out for the bright orange handbag.”

The bag is about 18 inches long and a foot wide, made of bright false leather. It has little gold buckles and bright orange handles. It looks similar to the image below:

The bag also contains Eva’s new phone, but because the Find My Phone app hadn’t been activated it is not trackable.

However, David says the phone still rings and that gives him hope that the bag was rummaged through and then thrown aside.

If you have any information, please contact David by calling 07951 830 479 or email


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