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What questions would you ask Marvin Rees?

By bristol247, Wednesday Sep 12, 2018

Marvin Rees is submitting himself to public interrogation on Thursday in a question and answer session that will be broadcast live on Facebook.

In a tweet, the Bristol mayor said that he will “be discussing the arena decision and doing a Q&A”.

The announcement came on the day a group of councillors attempted to put the brakes on Rees’ plans not to build an arena on Temple Island by calling in the decision.

At an extraordinary cabinet meeting last week, Rees was one of those who voted unanimously that Bristol Arena would be better located in a city centre location.

But, in his speech at that meeting in which he heavily criticised opposition councillors for having “consistently failed to understand the decision we have to make”, the mayor said: “Just because the best place for the arena is Temple Island, it doesn’t follow that the best use of Temple Island is an arena.”

By 11am on Wednesday morning, a petition calling for Rees to be sacked has gained almost 1,900 signatures.

What questions would you ask Rees? Follow proceedings from 5pm on Thursday via

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