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Could Bristol become the most peaceful city in the UK?

By ellie pipe, Monday Dec 3, 2018

Bristol is not short of accolades, but Sangeeta Dewan is on a mission with a difference – to make the city a beacon of peace.

The broadcaster hopes to mobilise schools, organisations and individuals across all communities to join her in promoting goodwill and joy with at least one simple deed or task a day in the rundown to Christmas.

Sangeeta hopes schools, organisations and individuals will get involved in the 12 Days of Peace initiative

“We are all surrounded by so much stress and bad news these days,” explains Sangeeta, who is a broadcaster on BBC Radio Bristol’s Asian Show, Made in Bristol TV and BCFM’s One Love Breakfast.

“I love Bristol and my intention has always been to bring peace and joy to my listeners, viewers and community.

“This Christmas though, it’s time to go bigger. I have a vision for our city and I’d like to invite you to help me make it happen – for you and for everyone who lives here.”

Sangeeta was told she would never walk again after contracting polio, but she managed to overcome this and learn to walk.

She says her own personal struggles have helped her gain the confidence to achieve her goals and help others throughout her 21 years in the voluntary sector.

“I’m on a mission to make Bristol the safest and most peaceful place to live in the UK,” continues Sangeeta.

“It’s my dream for Bristol to be recognised as the most peaceful city in the UK and for other communities to follow our example.

“It will happen when we come together and what better time to start than at Christmas?”

From December 12, for the 12 days before Christmas, Sangeeta will be broadcasting live from Be A Peace of Bristol Facebook page.

She will seek to help people find their own inner peace, share positive stories from the community and invite everyone to do one small thing to create more peace in their community every day.

She is also after people to come forward a ‘Peace of Bristol’ ambassadors and hopes the initiative will continue well into the new year.

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