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Coronavirus live updates, March 28 2020: Communities continue to come together

By bristol247, Friday Mar 27, 2020

The weekend sees Bristol continuing to  adjust, stay safe and support each other while the city remains on lockdown.


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Scroll down for updates:

That’s the end of our live blog for today. See you tomorrow morning.

Here’s a roundup of the day’s events:

  • New recruits have joined Avon and Somerset police early to help during the coronavirus outbreak.
  • Bristol City Council teams and volunteers have been preparing and distributing emergency food parcels to some of Bristol’s most vulnerable residents
  • Bristol city centre is being kept thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.
  • People have been asked to refrain from jogging across Clifton Suspension Bridge and use it only for essential commuting.
  • A collective of Bristol restaurants, farmers, growers and community food organisations have joined forces to keep the city’s frontline teams fully fueled for free throughout the coronavirus outbreak.

People in self-isolation can use robots to remotely access one of Britain’s most famed art galleries, thanks to a unique Bristol Robotics Laboratory collaboration.

In a UK first, the temporarily-closed Hastings Contemporary has teamed up with the laboratory to offer its members and audiences the opportunity to experience modern and contemporary arts using technology..

Praminda Caleb-Solly, professor of assistive robotics and intelligent health technologies at the Bristol Robotics Lab, said: “This is an excellent example of how robotics technology can be used to support people in difficult situations such as we are currently experiencing.

“There are other applications for the use of telepresence robots within health and social care and I look forward to learning from our experiences at Hastings to apply elsewhere.”

New recruits have joined Avon and Somerset police ahead of schedule to help on the frontline during this challenging time.

Sadly 1,019 patients in the UK who tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19) have died, according to the Department of Health.

For people still not getting the social-distancing rules, Stephen Merchant is here to help.

Remember, keep at least one Stephen Merchant between yourself and someone else.

A lockdown festival hosted on the Trinity Centre’s Facebook page on Friday night raised £1,406 for Trussel Trust foodbanks.

Jimi Needles presents #LIVEforLOVE

#LIVEFORLOVE is a campaign bringing together people from all over the nation to live stream in aid of UK Food Banks. If you're enjoying this live stream and are able please donate here: donations go to The Trussell Trust who support 1200 food bank centres in the UK. During this extremely difficult time these food banks are working around the clock to feed the most vulnerable and desperately need our support. In the UK, more than 14 million people are living in poverty – including 4.5 million children. With COVID-19, these numbers are expected to rise.If you want to be part of the campaign, get involved by doing your own live stream and inserting the fundraiser link ( and the hashtag #LIVEFORLOVE- – – – Read more about The Trussell Trust here:

Posted by Trinity Centre on Friday, 27 March 2020

People have been asked to refrain from jogging across Clifton Suspension Bridge and use it only for commuting.

Bridge master Trish Johnson said: “We need you to stop running on the bridge and ensure you maintain a distance of two metres (three paces) from other bridge users. By not overtaking others and walking across the narrow footways, you will be saving lives.

“I further ask you to please help us during this international health crisis by using the bridge only as a commuter route for essential journeys, taking your daily exercise close to home in a location where there is plenty of space to pass others at a safe distance.”

The bridge is also operating a card-only system for vehicles and one-way routes for pedestrians.

For some, the lockdown period means some being trapped at home with an abusive partner or family member.

Help and support are still available. Visit

Emergency food parcels are being distributed to some of Bristol’s most vulnerable residents thanks to the efforts of volunteers.

Teams spent Saturday morning packing the bags of supplies, which are being delivered by taxi drivers to those who need them most. Read the full story here.

A collective of Bristol restaurants, farmers, growers and community food organisations have joined forces to keep the city’s frontline teams fully fueled for free throughout the coronavirus outbreak.

Bristol Food Union has launched a campaign to raise £10,000 to help feed key workers during challenging times.

The collective said: “In this unprecedented time of national crisis, the Bristol food community would like to help as many people as possible get fed well. We understand the power of food to keep us going when times get tough.

“The Bristol restaurant community want to make sure that all frontline workers delivering long and difficult hours for our NHS, don’t have to worry about cooking healthy, nutritious meals for themselves or their families.”

The Feed a Frontline Worker campaign asks those who are able to donate the cost of a meal (£6-10) to ensure the collective can produce free meals to key workers going while they’re busy saving our lives.

While restaurants are closed, those involved have created six secure production kitchens around Bristol. Each day, the chefs will cook as many meals as they can afford and make them available to the NHS, and other frontline staff, completely free of charge.

To support the Crowdfunder, visit:

As supply chains struggle to keep up with the demand for disinfectant during the coronavirus pandemic, scientists at UWE Bristol are stepping up to the mark.

A team of academics have paused their research projects to focus on producing thousands of litres of specialist cleaning fluid for frontline staff, including ambulance crews, police and care workers. Read the full story here.

Quartet Community Foundation is offering up to £5,000 in funding to help communities cope with the coronavirus pandemic.

People can donate to the fund that aims to support grassroots organisations across the region.

Find out more via:

Park Street on a Friday night as its never been seen before.

From bus stops and bins to signs and seats, Bristol city centre is being kept thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

Bristol City Centre Business Improvement District (BID)’s street cleansing team has been out each day to deep clean any ‘high contact’ areas in the fight to limit the spread of coronavirus.


Good morning and welcome to today’s live blog as the UK continues into the weekend under lockdown.

In the latest developments:

  • Prime minister Boris Johnson and health secretary Matt Hancock test positive for Covid-19.
  • Coronavirus testing for frontline staff will begin immediately, with dramatic upscale next week.
  • In Bristol, all NHS staff and care workers can park for free, food parcels will be delivered within 48 hours and 250 room have been negotiated for the homeless.

Main photo by Ellie Pipe

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