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Bristol is UK’s least safe city to park your car

By lowie trevena, Friday May 29, 2020

Bristol has the highest average crime rate in its car parks, a new study reveals.

200 of the UK’s busiest car parks were analysed in research conducted by Uswitch, and three of Bristol’s car parks were found to be hardest hit by criminal behaviour in the country.

Out of the top ten least safe car parks, three in Bristol make the list: Queen Charlotte Street, Nelson Street and Prince Street.

The new research finds that Queen Charlotte Street was the fourth least safe car park in the country, with 245 vehicle crimes committed between April 2019 and March 2020.

Nelson Street was named the fifth least safe car park, with 230 crimes, while Prince Street came in seventh at 153 vehicle crimes.

The NCP carpark on Prince Street has been named as one of the country’s least safe places to park. Photo: Tom Taylor

Bristol was named in the study as the least safe city to park in overall, with an average of 167 vehicle crimes between April 2019 and March 2020 across the whole city’s car parks.

This placed Bristol ahead of Luton, London and Portsmouth in vehicle crime in car parks, with the next least safe town, Luton, averaging just 123 vehicle crimes across the area in the past year in comparison.

Main photo: Martin Booth

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