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Bristol cat cafe to open in January

By martin booth, Saturday Nov 26, 2016

In less than two months, cat lovers will be able to curl up with furry felines from Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary at Bristol’s first cat cafe.

You & Meow will open in January on Denmark Street, with 10 cats inside and a maximum of 16 customers spending £5 for an hour of what they hope will be a purrfect time.

“It’s now become very real,” Ewa Rukat told Bristol24/7, after spending most of this year looking for a suitable location for the cafe following a successful crowdfunding campaign.

“I told myself that I was going to find the most special place and this is it.”

Ewa, 25, lives only a few hundred yards from what will become You & Meow, located near the stage door of the Hippodrome in what was most recently a strip club called Kush.

Ewa Rukat outside what will become Bristol’s first cat cafe

Ewa will work full-time at the cafe alongside five other staff, who will all be trained in animal welfare, with all of the cats from Holly Hedge in Barrow Gurney able to be adopted.

House rules will include no picking up the cats when they are sleeping and no flash photography, with regular events in what Ewa describes as “a Japanese zen inspired space” set to include mindfulness classes.

“Now I can finally announce this news I’m relieved to be honest,” Ewa added. “I was not giving up.

“Bristol thrives on new places. Bristol needs to have a cat cafe and now people can really see that it will be a reality.”

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