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Bristol Beacon will be ‘a focal point for music in the city’

By martin booth, Wednesday Sep 23, 2020

A beacon can be a warning, a signal or celebration, with the new name of Bristol Beacon aiming to be a focal point for music in the city.

The new name for the Colston Hall was revealed in a live event streamed from the building on Wednesday morning, with the name itself first said in a new poem written by city poet Vanessa Kisuule.

Bristol Music Trust, the organisation behind the Bristol Beacon, hopes that the new name and transformation of the venue will signal a new beginning.

Bristol Beacon will hope to draw people into the new hall, welcoming everyone to the space.

“It’s such a powerful building at the centre of our city,” said Bristol mayor Marvin Rees. “It’s so important for us to build a city for everyone.”

The name has been announced without a new logo, with the future identity for Bristol Beacon due to be created in partnership Rising Arts Agency creatives – photo by Martin Booth

In her speech, Bristol Music Trust chief executive Louise Mitchell said: “This morning I am warmly welcoming you to Bristol Beacon.

“A symbol of hope and community. A focal point for music in the city. A gathering space, illuminating the way ahead. A place of welcome, warmth and light.

“We’re giving an open invitation to the city for everyone to come and share in the joy of live music. I look forward to developing our future with you.”

Bristol Beacon’s ‘transformation promise’ will be “a newly developed manifesto for change” which includes a commitment from the organisation to improve the diversity of their audiences, programme and workforce.

Part of this work will be enabled by a project in partnership with Paul Hamlyn Foundation, who are investing £400,000 into a programme of community-led activity centred around the reopening of the venue.

The coming weeks will see a major new citywide music project, A New Song for Bristol, inviting the people of the city to contribute to a musical archive of Bristol’s experiences of this historic year and their hopes for the future.

Main photo by Martin Booth

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