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The UK’s Number 1 Property Investment Company Is Coming To Bristol

By bristol247, Wednesday Mar 4, 2020

Property is one of the most life changing industries in the UK, and we at Progressive Property are the number one at showing you how to be a part of it. We wanted to spread our knowledge to everyone, so they could live a life with more freedom; financially and personally. That is why we are coming to you, in Bristol, with a property event for EVERYONE.
Multiple Streams Of Property Income.

Quite simply, it is what it says on the tin. It is one three day event where you will learn all the different strategies to get you into property the best way from the very best in their fields. All of our trainers have gone through this process with Progressive and now teach THOUSANDS of others how to get the most out of our training!

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So, what should you expect?

• We will show you multiple Proven Investing Strategies in a clear and concise way.
• You will be guided through the most effective cashflow and equity growth strategies that are working right now in 2020.
• Learn how to get UNLIMITED finance to build your portfolio (hint: you can do this WITHOUT using either a mortgage company OR a bank.)
• You’ll hear from other property investors who are experts in buy-to-let, property trading, raising finance and other ways of building a property portfolio from scratch into a multi-million pound business.

What will you get out of the event?

• Understand how YOU could earn 10x the income with only 10% of your personal time.
• By the end of the event you will have a clear strategy to start or add to your cash flowing property portfolio.
• It is not just about the trainers, the new connections you make with like minded people will last a lifetime including potential JV partners.
• Learn how to make more money from ONE simple property deal than you make in 6 months of paid work.

We are SO excited to come to Bristol and hopefully help enhance each and every one of your lives in the best way possible.

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