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Luminarium lands on College Green 

By Ellie Pipe, Thursday Aug 4, 2022

As small children hop merrily inside the softly glowing confines of a magical, multicoloured maze, adults stop to photograph the spectacle.

This is Luminarium, a sunlight-powered sensory experience featuring kaleidoscopic colours, domes, tunnels and pods, that is now open to visitors on College Green.

After entering via a flap in the inflatable canvas, this collection of domes created by Architects of Air, is undeniably warm on a sunny summer’s day and perhaps not for the very claustrophobic.

Neither appears to be a concern for those exploring its colourful maze of pods and tunnels on the opening day. While some hop gleefully from place to place, others take time to sit down and relax in the unique setting.

The free, family-friendly attraction that takes up half the size of a football pitch has travelled with other luminaria across 43 countries, hosting a total of more than 3million visitors since being created by Alan Parkinson, designer and founder of Architects of Air, in 1992.

The stint on College Green, which runs until August 14, is the first time Luminarium has been in Bristol in 21 years. It was brought to the city by Bristol Light Festival.

Vicky Lee, head of Bristol City Centre BID, says the installation will “fill the city with colour and art” and be a boost for businesses, tourists and residents alike.

Luminarium has landed on College Green – photo: Stephen Sumner

Vicky adds: “We’re also looking forward to programming the experience with sessions from Bristol creatives to include music, poetry and even some yoga. We will be outreaching to communities across Bristol to invite them to enjoy this unique free experience.”

Luminarium is open from 1pm-7pm each day. Online tickets are mostly sold out but organisers say walk-in sessions are available.

Find out more via: www.bristollightfestival.org/luminarium.

Luminarium takes up half the size of a football pitch – photo: Ellie Pipe

Main photo: Stephen Sumner

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