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14 historic photos of the Floating Harbour

By bristol247, Wednesday Dec 16, 2015

We have once again delved into the incredible collection of photographs at Bristol Record Office, this time concentrating on the Floating Harbour:


Bristol Bridge seen from a boat on the river, 1930s. 40826/FLO/1


View across the Floating Harbour to Welsh Back: Floodlit at night, 1950s. 40826/FLO/2


Welsh Back, in the moonlight, looking towards St. Nicholas Church, 1940. 40826/FLO/3


From Redcliffe Bridge looking along Welsh Back towards St Nicholas Church, 1947. 40826/FLO/4


Redcliffe Bridge to Bristol Bridge in the distance, 1950s. 40826/FLO/5


New bridgehead where the River Frome joins the Floating Harbour: viewed from Narrow Quay at night, c. 1950. 40826/FLO/6


Sailors’ Cottages, Hotwells, 1930s. 40826/FLO/8


‘A’ and ‘B’ Bond Warehouses overlooking the Cumberland Basin, 1950s. 40826/FLO/9


Activity around the entrance locks of the Cumberland Basin, 1866.  40826/FLO/10


Cumberland Basin seen from Rownham Hill, 1950s. 40826/FLO/11


Aerial view of the Cumberland Basin, 1950s. 40826/FLO/12


Aerial view of Cumberland Basin and Floating Harbour: Brunel Way and Avon Bridge is under construction, 1963. 40826/FLO/13


Aerial view of the Cumberland Basin Bridges Scheme under construction, 1963.  40826/FLO/14


Cumberland Basin piazza and play area, 1965. 40826/FLO/15


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