Features: 14 historic photos of the Floating Harbour

Bristol24/7, December 16, 2015

We have once again delved into the incredible collection of photographs at Bristol Record Office, this time concentrating on the Floating Harbour:


Bristol Bridge seen from a boat on the river, 1930s. 40826/FLO/1


View across the Floating Harbour to Welsh Back: Floodlit at night, 1950s. 40826/FLO/2


Welsh Back, in the moonlight, looking towards St. Nicholas Church, 1940. 40826/FLO/3


From Redcliffe Bridge looking along Welsh Back towards St Nicholas Church, 1947. 40826/FLO/4


Redcliffe Bridge to Bristol Bridge in the distance, 1950s. 40826/FLO/5


New bridgehead where the River Frome joins the Floating Harbour: viewed from Narrow Quay at night, c. 1950. 40826/FLO/6


Sailors’ Cottages, Hotwells, 1930s. 40826/FLO/8


‘A’ and ‘B’ Bond Warehouses overlooking the Cumberland Basin, 1950s. 40826/FLO/9


Activity around the entrance locks of the Cumberland Basin, 1866.  40826/FLO/10


Cumberland Basin seen from Rownham Hill, 1950s. 40826/FLO/11


Aerial view of the Cumberland Basin, 1950s. 40826/FLO/12


Aerial view of Cumberland Basin and Floating Harbour: Brunel Way and Avon Bridge is under construction, 1963. 40826/FLO/13


Aerial view of the Cumberland Basin Bridges Scheme under construction, 1963.  40826/FLO/14


Cumberland Basin piazza and play area, 1965. 40826/FLO/15


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