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A minor miracle in a Bristol spa

By pamela parkes, Monday Sep 12, 2016

I may be one of the more unlikely people in the Bristol24/7 office to try out a new medical spa. I rarely wear make-up and with three children and two dogs have little time to pamper.

The idea appeals though and, seduced by promises of rejuvenation and restoration, I went along to the newly opened EFMediSpa on Whiteladies Road.

After a consultation and scary scan which showed the level of damage that the pesky sun has done to my face I am handed over to Joanne, who has the unenviable task of trying to reverse the all too visible signs of ageing.

After getting over her shock at my skincare routine (soap and water) she starts on my facial. Described as a workout for my face she begins on one side of my face; pushing, pulling and softly pinching using a vitamin oil before showing me the results. Now the cynical journalist in me was ready to scoff but readers I can truthfully report that most of my lines had gone, not permanently Joanne warned, but long enough to get me excited.

Buoyed by my reaction Joanne started on the other side of my face and, as the strangely soothing pushing and pulling routine ironed out the lines, I decided I was a convert to a new skincare routine.

I was due to complete my rejuvenation with a Drip and Chill treatment – sometimes called the hangover cure. Administered by a qualified nurse you are hooked up to an intravenous drip of vitamins and minerals which promises to help revitalise skin, hair and nails. Frustratingly, for both me and the nurse, I discover that I have hidden veins and despite valiant attempts they refused to show themselves.

Despite my veins being somewhat a medical mystery, the lovely management refused to let me go without trying another treatment and I found myself lying under a bank of LED lights called a Medilux which is good for treating acne and other skin conditions. Apparently you need a course of treatments to really notice the difference but the tingly feeling lasted all day so it must have been doing something good.

Would I go back? Like a shot, though on a journalist wages it might be just once a year.


Photo credit: EF MediSpa (posed by model)

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