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Made of money

By meena alexander, Monday Nov 16, 2015

Bristol milliner Ani Stafford-Townsend is in the running to win an esteemed hat-making competition thanks to her latest unique creation, made entirely from Bristol Pounds.

Owner of Milliners’ Guild, the only hat shop in the entire city, Ani has chosen a distinctly Bristolian creation as her entry for the annual millinery competition held by specialist e-magazine HATalk.

The intricate headpiece, inspired by the 2015 competition’s theme of ‘transition’, was created using 60 £1 notes and six £5 notes featuring local historical figures and artworks, and is mounted on a wire hairband with a stem to create the illusion of floating above the head.

Photo credit: Simon Burgess

Ani’s interpretation of this year’s brief comes from the Bristol Pound being an example of a transition economy, and her design aims to celebrate the city’s trailblazing in boosting local sales and supporting independent businesses like her own.

Situated in St James Arcade, Milliners’ Guild is home to a range of unique headgear, all handmade by various local hatmakers including Ani herself.

See some of her creations up close at St James Arcade’s upcoming fashion show on November 26, or Harry Potter fans can don one of the most famous hats in literature at a special Sorting Ceremony on December 5.

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