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European Cycling Challenge 2015

By bristol247, Thursday Apr 30, 2015

Bristol is calling on you to get on your bike and record your miles during May to help the city compete amongst the best cycling cities in Europe.

The European Cycle Challenge comes to Bristol next month and encourages people from all over Europe to compete for the prestigious prize of cycling the highest number of bike miles for their city from May 1 to 31. 

This might be cycling to work, school, university, the shops, or your leisure miles – it all counts. In fact, you don’t even need to live in Bristol as cycling in and around the city will help contribute towards the total mileage tally.

“Bristol is already widely regarded as the UK’s first cycling city”, said Bristol mayor George Ferguson, “thanks to a surge in commuting by bike over the last few years, so there’s no reason why we cannot take our cycle ambitions to the next level during Green Capital year and unite with thousands of riders across Europe for this challenge.

“If you’re stuck for something to do one weekend then why not encourage your friends and family to get on their bikes and enjoy a nice bike ride whilst recording your miles for Bristol? If you cycle to work then you can make this journey count towards Bristol’s place on the leaderboard.”

It’s simple to register. Just visit to find out everything you need to know and be inspired by local leisure rides. You can follow Bristol’s progress on social media channels, and if you don’t have a bike, you can find out where you can borrow a loan bike or hire one from a bike shop in your area. 

You can sign up to the challenge at any point during the month of May – right up until the very last day. So every trip, commute to work or leisure ride you make during the month will help towards Bristol’s tally, which you can track during the month via the online leaderboard. You can track your journeys via both Android and Apple smartphone Apps, or by logging your journeys via an online account. 

To follow the success, visit our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages to spread the word and help your city win. 

The European Cycle Challenge is organised by SRM Reti e Mobilità – the Public Transport Authority of Bologna, Italy – and by the Municipality of Bologna, in collaboration with a technical partner which will provide the platform and the App for tracking trips.

32 cities joined the 2014 Challenge, with a total population of 14 million people. 17,000 cyclists rode their bicycles during the whole month of May, and they cycled more than 1.5 million km: 4 times the Earth-Moon distance and almost 40 times around the world.

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