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New Bristol beer is relative of former world’s strongest

By sofi carter, Wednesday Apr 26, 2017

While brewing some beer on Gloucester Road in 1995, Brewers Droop owner Mike Ross accidentally created a tipple so potent it would later claim the Guinness World Record title of World’s Strongest Beer.

With an official ABV of 21 per cent but at times reaching an unbelievable 23 per cent, this beer known as Uncle Igor’s Unadulterated Falling Over Water, or more affectionately just as Uncle Igor, was enough to put hairs on anybody’s chest.

The current World Record holding beer for this title has an ABV of 65 per cent so needless to say, Uncle Igor’s title has been stolen, but it still remains one of  the strongest beers produced using regular beer brewing processes rather than distilling.

Since it was such a strong drink, Mike only produced a small quantity as demand wasn’t very high, but continued brewing other beers and selling brewing supplies and speciality beers and ales in the shop directly beneath the room in which he created Uncle Igor.

While he admits that Uncle Igor’s taste left something to be desired, its flavour has not deterred the hardiest of beer guzzlers who have continued to request it from the shop since it was created.

With these demands in mind, 22 years later Mike has created a lighter, tastier nephew of Uncle Igor, this time named Igor.

Using the same techniques as before but upping the quality of the yeast and hop content to produce a better flavour, Mike has produced an 18 per cent beer which nods to their former title but in a slightly more digestible format.

A pint of this would leave even the heartiest of beer enthusiasts worse for wear; a shot, however, is extremely drinkable. Even if it did bring me out in a hot flush.

“It’s like beer with vodka in it,” said Mark from Brewers Droop.

As you swallow Igor it warms the throat in the way a spirit would. The sweet and hoppy aftertaste lingers for minutes and leaves fruity notes on the palate, almost like a grappa.

First opened in 1984, Brewers Droop is stocked wall-to-wall with mostly locally brewed beers and ciders (with some meads and fruit wines in a corner), with the owners and staff choosy about which beers make it into their limited space.

Igor costs £9.99 per bottle and is in a limited supply at Brewers Droop on 36 Gloucester Road.


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