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Caper & Cure: ‘Excellently executed food and cocktails’ – restaurant review

By ri meredith, Monday Oct 14, 2019

The rain poured on the familiar streets of Stokes Croft. As the cars passed, spraying up curb-side puddles, light illuminated from the newly opened Caper & Cure.

Owners Giles Coram and Craig Summers took ownership of what used to be The Arts House two years ago, and after trying to put their own spin on the business, have now chosen to transform it into a restaurant and bar with a new name.

On this recent evening, the atmosphere was comfortingly familiar, as diners came in out of the rain for a cocktail, a coffee or a three-course meal.


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As we were seated by Giles and perused the small yet varied menu, Morrissey’s Hang the DJ came on the stereo and it quickly became apparent that the soul of The Arts House is still very much alive here.

Plaice at Caper & Cure

From three choices per course, we started with boquerones and focaccia with jamon butter (both £4). The anchovies were deliciously salty and wonderfully cooked. After we had finished the jamon butter (a must try), the vinaigrette made a great dipping sauce for the leftover bread.

For mains, a braised beef featherblade (£14) was perfectly cooked alongside roast heritage carrots, pangrattato and carrot puree, adding a cut of sweetness to the dish. The truffle fries (£3.50) adding salty and umami flavours to the dish, were a great accompaniment.

The whole plaice with violet potatoes, soft herbs and caper butter (£14) was excellently executed. The fish melted off the bone that held it all together, with the caper butter accentuating the wonderful flavour of the fish. Alongside some greens with anchovy butter (£3.50), this dish is definitely one to try.

The only criticism of the mains was that the portions were slightly on the smaller side for the price you’re paying, but they were still well cooked and well presented.

The Nine Tree Hill Climber cocktail at Caper & Cure

The cocktail menu is a mix of classic and comedy cocktails, with the aptly named Nine Tree Hill Climber (£8), bringing a few smiles to enticed mouths.

A mix of spiced rum, cointreau, lemon and ginger, I felt easily obliged to order this extremely drinkable concoction to help my pilgrimage back up the steep hill on the other side of Stokes Croft.

Caper & Cure does what it says – enjoy delicious caper butter and cure your legs from steep inclines.

For those who were fans of The Arts House’s brunches, fear not, they are still on the menu looking tasty as ever. With the addition of seasonal dishes and Sunday roasts, Caper & Cure have elevated their existing menu so that there is a little something for everyone.

Sit in the window with a glass of Nine Tree Hill Climber and a big smile.

Caper & Cure, 108A Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3RU
0117 923 2858

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