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Ottolenghi pop-up coming to Bristol

By jess connett, Thursday Mar 16, 2017

The Coexist Community Kitchen at Hamilton House will taken over by chefs from London-based restaurants Ottolenghi and NOPI, for one night only.

The special event, on Friday, April 21, will see a three-course sharing meal created by the team of chefs, accompanied by music. Their food is described as “vibrant and bold, yet familiar and comforting”, with strong mediterranean flavours that come from the cooking of Yottam Ottolenghi, who lends his name and expertise to the two restaurants.

“There’s nothing like a table full of food to bring people together to share in something great and have a fun time. I’m really happy to support the work of Coexist Community Kitchen, which celebrates just this,” Ottolenghi says.

“My chefs will be serving up a feast of some of my Ottolenghi and NOPI favourites: courgette and manouri fritters, truffle polenta chips, baba ganoush, asparagus and fresh peas, pork belly, sea trout. It’s going to be a delicious feast and a wonderful night.”

The event is a fundraiser for the Coexist Community Kitchen, which parters with organisations including Bristol Refugee Rights and The Prince’s Trust to use food as a method to tackle life’s challenges. These cookery courses and workshops give access to people who might otherwise not be able to access such things.

The kitchen is also open to anyone who would like to run events and workshops, to develop cooking skills, start conversations about nutrition or talk about sustainability.

Buy your ticket here: www.hamiltonhouse.org/event/ottolenghi-fundraiser-for-coexist-community-kitchen


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