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Harry Potter pub crawl returning to Bristol

By fabian sutch daggett, Wednesday Aug 9, 2017

The Harry Potter pub crawl will return to Bristol after the sell-out success it had earlier this year.

Celebrating 20 years of Harry Potter, the event will return to Bristol in October for a sequel, Wizards Assemble 2.

The event takes wizards and witches to some of Bristol’s best nightlife locations around the city. Attendees will receive a free handcrafted miniature wand, themed drinks and even a graduation certificate.

And while fancy dress is not compulsory, it’s surely the best part of the event. With prizes for best dressed, there is really no reason not to get your robes on, no matter whether you’re a Gryffindor or a Slytherin.

Tickets cost £6 and are expected to sell out fast. For more information:

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