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‘Cooking professionally is the greatest job in the world’

By caragh jones, Wednesday Sep 13, 2017

Bristol24/7 hears from foodie experts from across the city on why it is so important to inspire the next generation of chefs. First in the series is Sam Sohn-Rethel, co-owner of Bellita and former chef at Bell’s Diner.

“Cooking professionally is the greatest job in the world. A good restaurant is the most exciting and rewarding environment a young chef can find themselves in. It’s a joy finishing a service knowing you’ve cooked great food for a full restaurant. But it’s hard work and getting harder with the chef shortage.

“Barny Haughton was my first head chef many years ago. His direction and advice stayed with me throughout my career. I’m very happy to be joining both Barny and Bristol24/7 in this project – it’s exactly the sort of thing that the Bristol restaurant industry needs.”

Sam is one of the industry experts lending his support to Bristol24/7‘s foodie programme, set to inspire the next generation of chefs.

Bell’s Diner.

He joins award-winning food educator Barny Haughton who is leading two-day long workshops in early November for a team of 12 young people.

The next phase of the programme will be to take part in the preparation and delivery of Bristol24/7’s Autumn Feast on November 16, with up to 150 guests present for a very special night of food.

During the programme, the young people will also get the chance to meet some of Bristol’s star chefs, including Sam. The chefs will be on the lookout for new talent, with exciting opportunities and apprenticeships available at some of the city’s best foodie hot spots.

Young people (aged 16-25) who are interested in getting involved in the programme should attend the taster session on October 18. For more information please get in touch with Bristol24/7‘s Partnerships Manager

Tickets for the Autumn Feast are available on Eventbrite.


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