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Bristol gets its first milk vending machine

By martin booth, Sunday Sep 27, 2020

Milk fresh from the farm is the promise of the people behind Bristol’s first ever milk vending machine.

Available 24-hours a day, the self-service station allows customers to use their own container or buy and re-use their own glass bottle.

The milk travels only 15 miles from a farm in the Mendips which is mostly powered by its own solar panels and wind turbines.

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The second Milk Station by Simple Cow is situated outside the Pump House in Hotwells and is due to open on Monday.

The farm is based in Chilcompton and its other Milk Station is based there, also selling milk at around four per cent fat which retains the cream that would normally be skimmed off whole milk for other dairy products.

Customers fill a glass bottles with pasteurised milk. Once enjoyed, the bottle can be cleaned and refilled again and again – photo by Martin Booth

Simple Cow’s calves are not removed from their mother and they graze in pastures over and above the number of days stipulated by Organic and Compassion in World Farming standards.

The cows are not artificially inseminated and they provide milk for around ten years.

Simple Cow owner and farmer, Oliver Day, said: “I believe that cows, the environment and our customers should be treated as well as they used to be…

“City residents should have access to the highest-quality, local and traditionally farmed milk. I am genuinely thrilled that I can supply city residents with milk fresh from our kind, country farm.”

Main photo by Martin Booth

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