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Activating healthy snacking in Bristol

By ruby lopez, Wednesday Mar 11, 2020

A new product on the market  is aiming to shake up the healthy snack market with bold exotic flavours and a charitable purpose.

Boundless is an award winning healthy snack company based in Stokes Croft, founded by Cathy Moseley after she noticed a gap in the market for tasty healthy snacks suitable for those with food intolerances.  A coeliac herself, Cathy created Boundless Activated Nuts & Seeds in 2017.


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Boundless products currently sell four different flavours for their Nuts & Seeds, including Tamari and Aleppo and cayenne and rosemary. Each flavour is gluten free, not genetically modified, vegan and high in protein.

Cathy Moseley, founder of the company. Photo courtesy of Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

Drawing inspiration from Aztec and Aborigine baking techniques, an activation process helps to release more enzymes and nutrients from the nuts and seeds.

There are three stages to activating the ingredients: soak, activate and bake. The nuts and seeds are soaked in water to kick start the germination process which then leads to the activated element eliminating bitter phytic acid and enhancing nutritional value, before being infused with a blend of spices as they are baked.

These aren’t just Bristol-based goods that taste good though. Cathy has and she teamed up with FRANK Water, a Bristol-based water sanitation charity funding safe drinking water in India, donating regularly to their mission.

Each pack costs £1 and can be found in more than 3,000 stores around the UK, including Sainsbury’s, Holland & Barrett and TK Maxx.

Main photo courtesy of Boundless.

Find out more at weareboundless.co.uk

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