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CBD cafe and ‘cultural hub’ opens in Stokes Croft

By ewan crowley, Tuesday Jan 14, 2020

A new CBD cafe has recently opened in Stokes Croft.

Owned by Ian Curnow, Jack Martin and Kasper Berzins, Only Green hopes to be a cultural hub, selling products such as oils, balms and muscle rubs, and soon selling CBD coffees and orange juices as well. The products that Only Green sell are made with hemp grown on a farm Ian, Jack and Kasper own in Ibiza.


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The owners want Only Green to become a strong part of the local community, recently responding to homelessness in Stokes Croft by taking teas to people on the streets. Additionally, they have been working with a local graffiti artist Cheba to create a piece of artwork on the ceiling.

Ian, also the founder of Bristol-based brand Apex, told Bristol24/7 that they plan to start having events and hope to invite local DJs to perform in the cafe, and are looking to run private events too.

Street art decorates the outside of the cafe. Photo by Ewan Crowley

The cafe operates an “open door” policy, welcoming anyone to try their products or seek education about what CBD is.

Ian, Jack and Kasper’s ambition is to become a source for all things CBD and hemp, providing information about products and customer reviews for different CBD locations. If all goes well, the three men aim to open a second Only Green in Barcelona.

Main photo by Ewan Crowley.

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