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14 of Bristol’s best burgers to try on National Burger Day

By elena angelides, Thursday Aug 24, 2017

To celebrate National Burger Day, we’ve asked some of Bristol’s best burger restaurants to recommend their own favourite burger on the menu.

In alphabetical order, here are the results:

1. Buckland Burgers, find them at the Harbourside Market every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

2. The Chief – Oowee Diner, 54a Picton Street, Montpelier, BS6 5QA

Photo courtesy of Fit Waffle

“The most extravagant would be our special for National Burger Day called The Chief. It’s a single steak patty, double American cheese, crispy buttermilk chicken thigh, grilled American and Swiss cheese, with baconnaise top and bottom. In all honesty, with the sheer amount of amazing burgers in Bristol, we don’t like to shout that we’re the best, we like to let the customers decide. People appreciate good quality ingredients, and lots of them!”
-Charlie Watson, Oowee Diner chef and co-owner

3. The Dead Hippie Burger – Meat Liquor, Stokes Croft, BS1 3RD

“Our signature burger has to be The Dead Hippie with two French’s mustard-fried beef patties, Dead Hippie sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles and minced white onions. It’s trademarked. Enough said.”
-Natalie Diaper, Meat Liquor Bristol general manager

4. The Dirty South – Hubbox, 113 Whiteladies Road, Clifton, BS8 2PB

6oz beef burger, sautéed onions and mushrooms with Cornish blue cheese, wild rocket and mayo.

5. El Jefe – Asado, 90 Colston Street, BS1 5BB

Photo courtesy of Fit Waffle

“On National Burger Day we are launching our new monthly special called El Jefe. It’s 160g oak grilled organic dry aged beef patty topped with Cuban mojo pork shoulder, house pickles, gruyere cheese and mojo mayo in our seeded demi brioche bun. Mojo pork is slow roasted pork shoulder most famously known as the pork inside a cubano sandwich in Cuba and Miami. We have marinated the free range pork shoulder in herbs and citrus for two days then vac packed and slow cooked in our sous vide for 24 hours, then finished off on our asado grill to add the smokey oak flavour”
-Lucien Gordon, Asado owner

6. The Elisabeth Shue – Atomic Burger, 189 Gloucester Road, BS7 8BG

“Oxford scientists did some research over a five-year period and came up with what they believe to be the perfect burger. A burger for all the senses; a burger that tastes the best, smells the best, looks the best… and this is our take on that burger. The Elisabeth Shue – tenuously named after the actress who played an Oxford scientist in the 90s film The Saint starring Val Kilmer – has on top Camembert, prosciutto crude, crispy onions, red onions, chipotle, ketchup, barbecue sauce and pickles.”
-Lucy Wendon, Atomic Burger store operations manager

7. The Gorgonzola – Chomp, 10 Saint Nicholas Street, BS1 1UQ

Featuring bacon and garlic mayo, rocket, chargrilled peppers and gorgonzola.

8. The Korean Fried Chicken – Burger Theory, 37-38 Saint Stephen’s Street, BS1 1JX

“I think our most out-there burger and one that is very popular is the Korean Fried Chicken burger. It consists of crispy fried chicken marinated in soy ginger and black pepper smothered in chilli and garlic sauce, peanuts, spring onions and fresh chillies. It’s the best because it’s unique to us and can’t be found anywhere else. It’s a massive hit of flavour and once you have had one you wont go for anything else.”
-Rory Perriment, Burger Theory founder

9. The Lockjaw – Grillstock, 41 Triangle West, BS8 1ER

“There are two kinds of burger in this world: the kind that you just pick up and wolf down, and the kind that commands respect, instills fear and demands an eating strategy. The Lockjaw sits firmly in the latter camp. Our custom burger patties are the foundation of a smoky, juicy tower of awesomeness, layered up with not just hickory-smoked pulled pork, but also thick slices of pit-smoked brisket and a pile of brisket burnt ends, those glorious nuggets of BBQ gold!”
-Ben Merrington, Grillstock co-founder and director

10. The Meaty MountainThree Brothers, Welsh Back, BS1 4SB

“Our MOST extravagant burger is the Meaty Mountain. Single patty topped with a double stack of potato rostis, Reblochon cheese, sweet cured American bacon, gherkins and a touch of American mustard, all for £13.75. For Thursday we can offer a free side of either fries, coleslaw or mixed leaves with each meaty mountain ordered.”
-Three Brothers spokesperson

11. The PB+J – Holy Cow, 3 Hannover Quay, BS1 5JP

“The PB+J, or peanut butter chilli jam cheese n’ bacon, is a renegade. We haven’t opened to re-invent the wheel with regards to burgers. We chose burgers as we believe when good ingredients are used they are simple to get right. Hence the PB+J being a special for National Burger Day.”
-TJ Hodgson, Holy Cow chef and owner

12. The Reverse Cowgirl – Squeezed, Cargo 2, Museum Street, Wapping Wharf, ​BS1 6WE

“All of our creations are wildly flavoursome and like to think outside the box, but in on our very first week serving at Cargo 2 you can try our Reverse Cowgirl. For all those bacon lovers of Bristol. A beef patty topped with mouth watering smoked bacon, with Montery Jack cheese, tomato and lettuce. Then prepare to go on a tongue tingling taste adventure with our cowgirl’s peanut chipotle BBQ sauce. Finally we top this feast with charred scallion sour cream and our burger is ready to go.”
-Alex Hayes, Squeezed owner and chef

13. The Triple Bypass – Hobgoblin, 69-71 Gloucester Road, BS7 8AS

“Our biggest burger is our Triple Bypass. It’s about nine inches high, made up of three 6oz burgers with cheddar, Stilton and Emmental cheese, six slices of crispy smoked bacon and two hash browns. It was intended as just a bit of fun but now we get quite a few bodybuilders ordering it! Our meat is from Ruby & White so sourced from local farms specialising in Hereford Ruby and British White cattle. Our buns are baked just round the corner in Montpelier by Dariusz at Proper Bread.”
-James Ayliffe, Hobgoblin co-owner

14. The Wild Boar – The Burger Joint, Whiteladies Road, North Street and Fishponds

“We sell such an array of great meat and veggie patties and the combinations of toppings and sauces are endless. But a faultless burger combo is our locally sourced wild boar burger with smoked cheddar, pulled pork and a fried egg, with apple sauce and mayo. There’s everything you could ever want from a burger in there. All the components compliment each other so well. And where else can you enjoy a wild boar burger in Bristol?”
-Dan Bekhradnia, Burger Joint managing director


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