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Plans revealed for Bristol’s first cat cafe

By bristol247, Monday Jan 18, 2016

Further details of Bristol’s first cat cafe have been revealed via the You & Meow crowdfunding page, including a handy feline-themed timeline showing the business’ progress from initial concept to the highly-anticipated public opening.

A welcome addition to the city’s ever-growing food and drink scene – and potential rival for Bristol’s world-famous cat pub – cat lovers will be right at home at the upcoming cafe, which plans to serve tea, coffee and cake alongside a generous helping of huggable felines.

Punters will pay a £5 cover charge upon entry “to cover the cost of the cats”, and once seated they will be able to play with the lovable furries to their heart’s content. All the cats that live at You & Meow will also be available to adopt for the particularly attached, as the cafe will double-up as a rescue home for unwanted pets.

Inspired by the original cat cafes of Taiwan in the nineties, You & Meow plan to create a “zen atmosphere that gives a feeling of tranquillity” to all visitors, and will also be providing meditation classes to compliment “the healing power of cats”.

Currently in the crowdfunding stage of their business timeline, the founders have raised £1,100 of their £65,000 target so far, and have included fundraising incentives such as cafe vouchers and limited edition t-shirts to encourage people to donate.

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