Beacons, Icons and Dykons present: THE APPLE

By james higgins, Wednesday Sep 6, 2017

The Cube will host Beacons, Icons and Dykons Present: The Apple, a screening of the best moments of the spectacularly bad sci-fi musical, The Apple, interspersed with performances from Tom Marshman, Liz Clarke, and cult hit provocateur Lucy McCormick

I asked host Tom Marshman about his latest venture.

Tom Marshman will host the evening with his trademark style

What is the show about?
The Apple was filmed in 1980, but is set in the future. It follows the story of a young innocent singer who enters a singing competition, is offered a contract and gets involved in the darker side of the pop industry. The film is a disco/rock opera and makes use of Biblical allegory including the tale of Adam and Eve.

Why did you chose The Apple?
Not many people have seen the film, and it’s certainly like nothing else. It’s one of those film that you could say ‘its so bad, it’s good’, but the great thing about the night is you don’t have to sit through the whole night as we have selected the best bits.

Lucy McCormick will help Tom bring new humour to the cult film

What do Beacons, Icons and Dykons do? 
Celebrating queer icons in celluloid and beyond. We screen films featuring our queer heroes and heroines and present performances inspired by them.

BID, brings together queer and LGBT artists to illuminate forgotten cinematic gems, but it’s not just a screening, we also have moments where the film gives way to live performance. We have also started working in museums and hosting cabaret nights. I am the host and curate the event.

Liz Clarke rounds off the cast for this quirky evening

What can audiences expect?
The event will be raucous and unearthly with a new performance from Lucy McCormick and her dancers who many audience will remember her work Triple Threat at In-between Time. The performances that punctuate the film will explore the film’s themes. It’s just good queer fun!

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