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Track Review: Beak> and John E Vistic

By amy grace, Monday Apr 6, 2020

A charity album has been curated by a Bristol based musician in order to raise funds for Quartet Community Foundation’s Coronavirus 2020 Response Fund. John E Vistic decided to pursue this idea after an initial call out on social media.

The response was incredibly popular, seeing Bristol artists such as punk pop trio Sœur, dance/electronic artist Harvey Causon and queen of darkness Emily Breeze all donating their tracks.

The Ark Vol. 1, artwork by Johnny Stingray

Opening the album are Beak>, the trailblazing electronic trio are one of the city’s greatest exports. ‘We Can Go’ has been selected from their decade of music making. Beginning with an industrial churn, it’s claustrophobic and gradually gathers momentum before breaking into a steady drum beat. The vintage-like guitar twang is at the core of this track, repetitive and meditative but not once does it feel overbearing. Sounding as though it’s coming straight out of a beaten up radio and slightly cracking at the seams, ‘We Can Go’ is a throbbing track with heaps of distortion.

The second track on the album is by John E Vistic, an ode to Portishead that sees him cover one of their biggest hits ‘Glory Box’. Coming straight out of the gate with harsh thrashing guitars and drums, John takes this song and really makes it his own. Laden in rock and coarse riffs, John’s bluesy vocal runs to come to the forefront. It’s visceral, raw and gutsy.

Main photo by John Morgan

To donate to the Coronavirus 2020 Response Fund, visit:

Listen to The Ark here:

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