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Review: Brunch 808 by Foozie, Motion

By ngaio anyia, Sunday Mar 12, 2017

It’s been a while since I’d experienced Motion in daylight and was more than a little thrown when approaching the entrance to find my nose alerted before my ears. Normally the booming bass can be heard before the que gets spied but for Foozie’s Brunch 808 event the first party hint came from smoky street food smells creeping over the water.

Hungry and ready for culinary perusal, I walked through the entrance and was surprised to find no party… I could smell all the right things, hear all the right tunes but I couldn’t see anything – I’d expected Brunch 808 layout to be food in the first front courtyard as soon as you walk in, with music and the bar in the Cave but this was not so? Turning to the bouncer to double check I was in the right place I was given a nod and wave to indicate I needed to delve a little further to find Foozie so I found my first moments walking through a very dark, empty Cave which was slightly unnerving. Once on the other side however, the party was in full swing! The Tunnel was instead used as the main club room with food stands in outside area looking out over the water with a special cocktail bar pumping out 90s jams.

It wouldn’t be Motion without an immediate “Where are you?!” text to my friends – turns out they’d already eaten and were dancing to the fabulous sounds of Dismiss from Dutty Girl. After giving them a wave I went to go and see what foodie options were available.

For Brunch 808’s menu we had the following to choose from, Viet Vite: Vietnamese street food, Lovett Pies: hand-crafted in Bristol and Burger Theory: a festival favourite. My first choice was a chicken burger but they had sold out (chicken burgers always sell out, pack more bird!) so I opted for chicken noodles instead which were delicious, but messy – turns out it’s not that easy to eat noodle broth in a dignified way!

Chatting with the man behind Foozie about the inspiration behind this series of brunches, he told me about his vision of Brunch – to take it away from the standard of a stuffy sit down event and move it to a party atmosphere which was definitely in good supply.

Their signature cocktail had long been consumed, there were inflatable mic’s and boomboxes being danced around inside and there were smiles everywhere from a nicely mixed crowd. The range of people gave the event it’s own identity; a far cry from the usual crowd found at motion which can be very male and student heavy, this was predominantly female with different ages and backgrounds. The whole vibe was largely inclusive and welcoming – I’ll look forward to the next one!

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