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New Attenborough documentary from Bristol’s Silverback Films gets cinema release

By robin askew, Thursday Dec 5, 2019

Renowned for such TV wildlife series as The Hunt (BBC) and Our Planet (Netflix), Bristol’s award-winning Silverback Films‘ latest production is a documentary feature in which Sir David Attenborough reflects on his many decades as a naturalist and his realisation that urgent action is now needed to protect the planet. David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet receives its world premiere at the Royal Albert Hall on Thursday 16 April 2020. The 93-year-old bona fide national treasure will also be present on stage with special guests to discuss the issues it raises. This event will be broadcast live to cinemas across the UK and around the world.

Here’s the official blurb: “In his 93 years, Attenborough has visited every continent on the globe, exploring the wild places of our planet and documenting the living world in all its variety and wonder. As he says in the film, ‘I’ve had the most extraordinary life. It’s only now that I appreciate how extraordinary.’

“But during his lifetime, Attenborough has also seen first-hand the monumental scale of humanity’s impact on nature. Now, for the first time ever, he reflects upon both the defining moments of his lifetime as a naturalist and the devastating changes he has seen. Honest, revealing and urgent, this is Attenborough’s witness statement for the natural world.

“Viewers of the film will hear Attenborough talk about his lifelong passion to explore, to have adventures and to learn about the wilds beyond – he himself cannot imagine his life any other way. He reflects on how at the start of his broadcasting career, aged 28, the advent of global air travel opened up exciting new possibilities, but he now recognises how little we knew about the problems that lay ahead for the natural world.”

Tickets for the Albert Hall event go on sale at 10:00am on Friday 6 December 2019 via the Royal Albert Hall website. 500 of the best seats are reserved for inspiring young people from across the UK who are working to tackle climate change and nature loss.

Details of cinemas participating in the nationwide screening can be found here.

Pictured above: Sir David Attenborough in Chernobyl, Ukraine, while filming David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet

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