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How to get your indie and world cinema fix for free

By robin askew, Wednesday Mar 25, 2020

Missing your regular dose of cult, classic, indie and world cinema during the lockdown? Film distributor and streaming service MUBI has come to the rescue with a very tempting offer for supporters of independent Bristol cinemas the Watershed and Cube.

They’re offering three months of access at a total cost of precisely bugger-all. The small print reveals that you have to enter your credit card details, but you won’t be charged for 90 days and can cancel at any time – though obviously MUBI hope that you’ll be so impressed by their service that you’ll remain a member long after the end of enforced couch-potatodom.

Better yet, MUBI has brought forward the online release of the truly bizarre and truly excellent genre-bending Brazilian sci-fi revenge western Bacurau, which has been hailed as a powerful satire on populist president Jair Bolsonaro (y’know – the fella who’s so keen on chopping down the rainforest). It’s set a few years in the future in the eponymous fictional town, where Sônia Braga is the local doctor. The townsfolk are mourning the death of their elderly matriarch when a bunch of wealthy, gun-toting American tourists turn up on a murderous safari, led by German mercenary Udo Kier. If you’ve ever wondered what a film co-directed by Sergio Leone, John Carpenter and Alejando Jodorowsky might look like, dive right in.

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Bacurau was halfway through its run at the Watershed when the cinema shutdown commenced and had yet to screen at the Cube. Thanks to MUBI you can watch it online right now, along with loads of other great films. If you’re a Cube supporter, register using this link. If you’re a Watershedder, use this one.

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