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Preview: The Not So Late Show with Ross and Josh

By steve wright, Monday Sep 11, 2017

Coming soon to the Wardrobe Theatre’s Friday-night comedy slot, brought to you by the excellent Chuckle Busters, is The Not So Late Show with Ross and Josh. Join your hosts Ross Brierley and Joshua Sadler as they take the late-night chat show to its illogical conclusion. This multimedia extravaganza comes from the creators of the YouTube phenomenon UK Garage Horse Racing (“The funniest thing in the world” – Comedy Central).

They will be joined by a handful of up-and-coming comedians and special guests plus sketches, short films and nonsensical games. “Takes its cues from early Reeves and Mortimer. The Not So Late Show is setting a high benchmark for alternative comedy” – Yorkshire Post

Here’s Ross Brierley to tell us more.

Tell us about the format of The Not So Late Show. Are you following, or breaking, certain chat show conventions?
We’re following them rigidly, but in a strange, twisted way. We have a topical monologue, several high-profile celebrities and plenty of slick glitz and glamour. However, the topical monologue is usually nonsense, the celebrity guests are usually fictional or weird versions and the slickness soon gives way to chaos.

What led you into this particular format – the chat show – as opposed to the various other forms of comedy?
It’s a perfect format for presenting ideas. Nobody watches a late night chat show and thinks ‘Hang on, why are they doing this?!’ You can get away with almost anything. It also means we can utilise Ross’s hosting skills and Josh’s abilities as an idiot.

Tell us what we can expect on the night…
It’s a rollicking mixture of stand up, sketch, interactive games, short films, fake adverts, musical nonsense, plastic babies and weird props. In a chat-show format, obviously.

Does a certain level of unpredictability, and of improvisation, always creep in? And is that when the format is at its best?
Oh God, yes. Chaos is our friend. The rules are there to be broken, the format there to be destroyed. That’s half the fun.

UK Garage Horse Racing.. how did that extraordinary meeting of styles come about?
Well, Ross loves horse racing and Josh used to love UK Garage. Whilst Ross was watching a horse race on TV Josh remarked the commentator sounded a lot like a Garage MC so we set to work to make it happen. It comes from love.

The Not So Late Show with Ross and Josh is at the Wardrobe Theatre on Friday, September 22. For more info, visit

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