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Premiere: Ngaio – Blackbird

By georgia marsh, Thursday Sep 19, 2019

Be the first to catch wind of Bristol performer Ngaio’s new single Blackbird, premiered exclusively on Bristol 24/7.

Founder of DJ collective Booty Bass, the force of nature is a selector, singer, choirmaster and spoken word artist – and these are just a selection of her many hats. Blackbird marks her first release on female-fronted Stokes Croft label Saffron.


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Known for her slapping CDJ work, Blackbird will surprise those less familiar with her own music. Initially, a jazzy undercurrent twinkles under her elusive vocals, before a gravitational pull shifts it towards a pensive spoken-word monologue and a crescendo crashes into a raucous conclusion.

Blackbird was written for black women,” she explains. “It’s a is a culmination of my mixed-race identity. Musically, there are strong influences from Portishead to Fela Kuti. Developed with my Mum and performed with friends old and new, it truly is an embodiment of my musical, political and spiritual influences.

Blackbird has been a song in the making for over three years. Black women are given the burden of being the patient explainer to those proclaiming to understand the struggle and Blackbird asks why our voices are only heard after a tragedy or for a think piece. It’s about being asked to teach before others are held to account.”

Listen to Blackbird below and watch out for forthcoming tracks from Ngaio released by Saffron as well as remixes courtesy of the rump-shaking Durkle Disco.

Photo by Charley Williams

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