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Change the record: tackling gender inequality in club promotion

By rebecca payton, Monday Mar 9, 2020

Since the age of seventeen, Clara McDermott has been curating her Tunnel Vision parties in her hometown of Birmingham. Now a twenty-one-year-old student in Bristol, with her name to a clothing line and a host of parties, there is no stopping the young creative moving into the new decade. Here, we chat to Clara about her current venture – Bad Girls Club – a party seeking to address inequality in underground music through affordable, women-centred parties of resistance in the 0117.

Tell us about Bad Girls Club.

Bad Girls Club is an event I created under my Tunnel Vision brand to showcase female talent within underground music from around the UK. The thought behind the ‘Bad Girls’ concept comes from the idea of non-conformity. Daring to venture into such a male-dominated industry goes against the usual patriarchal standards of society and I want this night to be a place where female DJs and producers can flourish.

Why do you think nights like these are important?

For me, they are important as they celebrate female music. Women in the industry have come so far in recent years and it’s so vital to reflect on and appreciate these movements through how we know best – a big old party! I hope that these nights can also encourage other girls to get into the industry and that we provide the support to do so.


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Have you faced gendered prejudice during your time in the music industry?

Yeah, sadly. I started running events when I was baby-faced and seventeen so a lot of people tried to take advantage of me and I’ve had people say some really hurtful things about me being a woman. It really bothered me because I didn’t understand why my gender had anything to do with it. But as I’ve grown older and been through various difficult experiences, I’ve learned that if I meet someone who’s going to judge me and my abilities based on my gender then I have no time for them and they have no place in my musical journey. It was hard to get my head around at first but now I’m like screw ‘em!

Who would be a dream booking for Bad Girls Club and are there any local selectors you want to shed light on?

Booking DJ Storm in 2018 was a dream! My all-time favourite selector for sure… I’m deffo gonna get her back at some point. As for local gals: A-bee, Sherry S, DJ Raggo, Asterix, LUCY, Ngaio, Jenni Groves and Frenetic are my favourites at the moment. They’re smashing it!

What does the future hold for Bad Girls Club?

The future is looking bright! It’s amazing to see the DJs I have booked doing bits all over the globe and I’m so proud of them all. There are plenty more events to come and hopefully some female-led music and mixes to be released under Tunnel Vision Recordings. I’d also love to do a few takeovers at festivals this summer… I’ve got a big list of Bad Girl selectors I want to bring with me to showcase!

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