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The Women Who Built Bristol

By joe melia, Thursday Feb 8, 2018

A new book containing profiles of 250 women who have helped to shape the city of Bristol over the last 900 years will be published by Bristol-based Tangent Books at the end of February.

The Women Who Built Bristol by author and journalist, Jane Duffus, is published in conjunction with charity Bristol Women’s Voice to mark 100 years since some women achieved the right to vote.

From Contagious Diseases Acts repealer, Josephine Butler, to enslaved Dinah Black, the book reveals the huge role that women have played in shaping Bristol and celebrates those women whose lives and contributions have been forgotten.

Author Jane Duffus says: “This book has been bubbling away in me ever since I moved to Bristol in 2008 and discovered what a rich history of wonderful women this great city has. While researching the book, I’ve uncovered so many fascinating stories of women’s history that I’m now really pleased to be sharing. While I have my own favourites within the book, I look forward to hearing from readers which of the women strike a chord with them.”

Helen Pankhurst, great-granddaughter of suffragette leader Emmeline Pankhurst, says: “Jane Duffus and fellow contributors of The Women Who Built Bristol introduce us to a glorious set of women. This a wonderful reminder of the texture of women’s lives and their influence in every sphere, something historical accounts often forget.”

Penny Gane, chair of Bristol Women’s Voice, says: “The extraordinary stories of the sheroic women Jane has brought together in this new book have important implications for us today. Just as our predecessors were fearless, we must also be fearless. The women of Bristol are proud to still be building the city and in this book we pay tribute to those who laid the foundations on which we now stand.”

The Women Who Built Bristol (Tangent Books) will be launched at 6pm on Monday February 26 at St George’s Bristol

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