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Artist behind DJ Derek mural pays tribute

By sofi carter, Thursday Jan 26, 2017

The artist responsible for the two-storey high mural to commemorate DJ Derek has paid tribute to the much-missed Bristol legend.

The project began when Sepr and three collaborators was approached by the owners of the house on Richmond Avenue in Montpelier and asked to pay tribute to the former accountant.

“We were all really keen to be involved,” Sepr told Bristol24/7.

“Like pretty much all of Bristol we were all very aware of Derek being missing and then the tragic outcome.

“I think most of us had already had our eye on painting that wall anyway so this was just a perfect reason to get on it.”

Sepr added: “Derek was such a unique character and a person that many people had a justified love and respect for.

“I’d always heard about DJ Derek when I was young and then one day I realised it was that nice old chap I always spoke to in The Magic Box, it blew my mind.

“Me and my lot paint pictures, that’s our thing, so being asked to paint such an iconic Bristolian and decent human being, it was a no brainer really. It was honour to do.”

Sepr collaborated with fellow artists Deamz, Piro and 45rpm on the piece, which was started last summer but only finished this week.

Sepr said it just made sense: “Myself, Deamz, Piro and Rpm are all good mates and paint together all the time so this was a nice excuse for us to get together and paint something big for a good reason.

“Everyone has jobs and commitments so it’s taken us ages to get it done but it was nice not to rush it and we got there in the end!”

The People’s Republic of Stokes Croft supported the artists throughout the creation of this piece, and hope to design a commemorative print based on the mural in order to fund future community projects.


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